Saturday, March 21, 2009

Too many whys and what's with the 'T'

I don't know why people blog. Is it because:

1. They are bored and don't know how else to kill time
2. Want a medium to express their views be it personal, social, political, sports or current affairs
3. To vent out their frustration. Rant, blah, ramble, swear etc.
4. Those with literary aspirations use this as a platform (be it writing, poetry or even photography)
5. It's cool to have a blog
6. Networking. Want to be in touch with family/friends/acquaintances/fellow bloggers
7. Record their lives and experiences. A public diary.
8. To tell the world how well they can cook?

There could be more. Me just thinking aloud.

I started blogging for just one reason: #7

But with time #2, #3 and #6 jumped in.

And today I proudly introduce you to the latest joinee: #1

Yes, that's what this post is about. I've got absolutely nothing to do. So here I am.

As I write, my wife and baby are guest of honors at a big family gathering hosted on their behalf. It's a celebration usually done when the baby is forty days old. No clue why. But they do it. My baby is two months old (touchwood). They had to delay the function for some reason.

So it's happening today. What's really weird is I could not attend. For some reason I had to stay put. I still don't know why. And I can't believe I'm sitting here typing this post rather than be by my wife's side holding my adorable little baby. Will never be able to get over this. I've written numerous times about my baby and how much I miss the little kiddo. This was my chance to spend a quick weekend with them and I've missed it. This regret is gonna be with me for a long time.

For now, all I can resort to is write a post about it and continue feeling super-miserable.

p.s. My last five post titles have started with a T!!!! WHY?


mindspace said...

hey masood.. now we know that life has some 'why's to which we know no reasons..and some reasons are beyond our acceptance at times.. but lets just try n feel less miserable by thinking of 'a long wait will make the reunion moments all the more full of pleasure'.
being papa is brought about some changes in you is it?.. cheer up, this time shall pass soon..

hitch writer said...

hey masood... relax.... lemme tell you one thing... meeting people after a gap is much much much more precious... so wait for your time, you will have a whale of a time...

why we blog ? gee all the 7 reasons and more... actually now i have stopped questioning... i just simply love it and no reasons are required now... !!!!

why the last few posts were starting with T ? now that is a question ! u tell me ! lol :)

Iya said...

oh..i really want wifey and kiddo to be with as soon as possible.. ur pain is so evident...

Masood said...

Tara - Thanks. I am in much better spirits now.

Hitch writer - Yeah, that's what I keep telling myself. Made up my mind now to not feel miserable anymore about this whole distance thingy. Some things take their own sweet time. This is one of them.

About the T, it was completely coincidental. I hadn't even noticed till my last post :)

Iya - Hope it's more sooner than later! :)