Monday, November 3, 2008

I miss you

I miss you; when I wake up every morning,
As much as I do even when I am snoring.

I miss you; when I get ready for work,
Not finding my stuff feels like a dork.

I miss you; when I unpack my lunch,
Not making me feel even to munch.

I miss you; want your voice on the phone,
But all I get now is a stupid dial-tone.

I miss you; when I get back home,
Only waiting is my bed’s foam.

I miss you; your side is empty,
Sleeping now feels like humpty-dumpty.

I miss you; my wife, my friend,
Comon, bring this distance to an end.


Iya said...

ooohhhh.... that is so sweetly sad..when are u travelling to India?? be with her dude...these days wont come back again..

Masood said...

She's back on the 17th. Gone for a little over 2 weeks. But yes, these days won't come back. So waiting eagerly for her to return!

Rohina said...

oh. my. god.
thts like the thing i feel these if u just spoke my feelings.
damn. i miss my hubby too. :(

Masood said...

That came to my mind while writing it down. I knew you'd instantly co-relate!

mindspace said...

:( gosh! I am not the only one...
Need i say more?

Masood said...

I hear you! It's in the air.

Puja said...

Thats really sweet....but God! Seems like all of you guys are sailing in the same boat :D