Thursday, March 13, 2008

When I was a kid....

Weird things I did/thought as a kid:

1. Looked at a digital clock ticker (where we don't see the seconds) and started counting seconds from 57...57, 58, 59 and saw if the clock ticked when I reached 60!!! If it didn't, then waited for a few seconds and again started from 57!!
2. A new born baby came out through the belly-button!
3. Day-dreamt (a LOT!) of how it would be if I were invisible!
4. Used to wonder whose voice is it in my mind - and also if people around could also here it.
5. If I was doing something (eg. having a bar of kitkat), could there be atleast one person somewhere in the world doing the exact same thing at the same time??
6. Why do we have to iron clothes??!!
7. Got my head stuck behind the TV while fetching a toy!
8. Stapled my own thumb!
9. Who the %#$&%#@ invented school?
10. Girls don't eat food!

Funny that these all sound so silly now but back then, this was me and my life!

I am sure there were lots more but its a pity that I can now remember only this many! :(


Iya said...

LOl.. that was sweet.. i like the kitkat one :)

ps: can you do something about ur font color..i really have to strain my eyes to read it ....

Masood Salem said...

hehe...I actually thought you will catch me for no. 10! :p

What font color do you see? I had selected light blue on dark blue background. Anyways, I had gotten tired of it eitherways so have changed the theme completely! Hope its better now :)