Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy budda...err birthday to me!

I've turned 27 today. It is quite an ideal age I think - not too old, not too young. Just about perfect. Every day from now is going to be a step towards really getting old. Till today, I never felt I was growing old nor did I ever feel old. I don't today as well. But I know next year, I won't be feeling the same. Next year, I will feel older. But then, why worry about something that is invariably going to happen unless ofcourse the Almighty has other plans!

So I am thinking. What should I be doing this year that I know I won't be able to do next year or the year after? I always believed that there is a time for everything and, whatever has to happen, happens at exactly that time. My dad told me something a few years back that I could never forget: "Waqt se pehle, aur kismat se zayada, kuch nahi milta" (I can't come up with a satisfactory translation for this. Sorry about that). So it's my job to figure out the right time. I will be doing more of that introspection this year.

It's my first birthday with my wife. We have had a memorable and fantastic last 8 months of companionship. Thanks for everything, Love. I miss my closest friends today. All who matter have either called or emailed in person with wishes. Thanks guys. I am with my family today and that is a blessing I can't be thankful enough for. So here's a BIG thank you to one and all.

(I wrote this on 29/9 but did not get a chance to post it. Putting it up today on 1/10)

(Mysteriously the posting date still shows 29/9)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dubai Driving License - Part 2

I failed my third driving test today. It's actually no big deal. It is just my third test.

Since the last month and a half or so, there has been some changes. I've changed my driving school. After my last experience with them, I'd had enough. I am now with Belhasa. Also, I've moved from Manual to Automatic transmission. About Belhasa, they have lesser administrative processes but they charge about 50% higher though. The number of classes between tests is also more, 12 instead of 8. So again, more expenses. But it is closer to work. And things move fast.

Either ways, I still flunked.

Maybe I am a bit too desperate. Should just let it happen at its own sweet pace. Like nature, some things cannot be tampered with.

So, note to self: A driver's license is not the only thing that matters. Watch the sunset instead.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Life has its own ways to mess things up. Sometimes we run away from the harshest realities of life only to run right back into it again and realize you were actually running from none other than yourself.

I am my own nightmare. I made this Frankenstein. And I have to live with it. No more running. No more hiding.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Diversity at work

I work under a Moroccan manager with Russian, Indian, Lebanese, Jordanian, Tunisian, Pakistani and Swiss colleagues, Filipino sales assistant and a Sri lankan office boy in an American company located in the Middle East!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

He's back - Federer wins 5th US Open

Roger Federer wins his 5th consecutive US Open championship. He is the first man since 1928 to win 5 straight finals. And the only man in history to win 5 consecutive championships in 2 grandslams - US Open and Wimbledon.

What a champion! After loosing the Wimbledon and French Open finals, nobody gave Fed a chance to win any other grandslam. Why? They said the psychological impact of loosing at Wimbledon would be so profound on him that it would be his end. And he then lost the world number 1 ranking to Nadal after spending a record 237 weeks on the top. Were we ever going to see the same Roger Federer again? Will he ever win again?

And how did he respond?

With absolute magic on Arthur Ash stadium last evening. Murray had no chance against the Federer juggernaut. He just went ahead and proved why he is arguably the greatest player ever to pick up a tennis racket. Last night's match was one for the fairytales.

Roger Federer is back and with a BANG.

Monday, September 8, 2008




Redemption personified.

Confused? Read this.

Update: As on 18th Sept, the number stands at 213.4% ! :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Ramadan Kareem

Today is the first day of the holy month of Ramadan. Muslims all over the world will observe a fast from dawn to dusk for 30 days. I have been asked several times by friends and acquaintances as to why we fast, what is the significance of this month etc. Guess there couldn't be a more appropriate time to discuss this.

Significance: It was in Ramadan that the first verses of the holy Quran was passed to the Prophet (PBUH).

Purpose: With thousands of people dying each day due to poverty or hunger - fasting brings us closer to the harsh realities of life. It reminds us of the suffering of the poor, the less fortunate. While fasting, we are supposed to observe self-control, righteousness and sincerity. We have to abstain from what is wrong, immoral, unethical, unjust and fallacious. It is a time to speak cleanly (and not use obscenities), the truth and refrain from lying, it is a time to refrain from violence, it is a time to remember the great Almighty, the time to seek forgiveness for all sins, it is a time to regulate our worldly desires to the minimal (avoid wastefulness) and negate showing off, a time to refrain from inappropriate sexual desires. It is also the time to donate a part (2.5%) of your savings to charity (not only to those outside our social circle but to anyone who is in need). A time for mercy, care and kindness. A time to learn patience, discipline and strong will.

It is a time to observe and live the primary principle that governs Islam - Peace. A time to, not just be a good Muslim, but a good human being.

Apart from fasting, a Muslim is supposed to lead a life like this always. The month of Ramadan is a time that reminds us our true calling - who we are, what we are and why we are!

Wishing you all Ramadan Mubarak and may you make the most of this blessed month.