Sunday, October 28, 2007

Should'nt I be doing some thing as well?

The wedding has created such a stir in my family. All of a sudden, all tasks are P1. My dad, who is in India for the last 15 days, and if we go by the speed of his preparations, maybe thinks the wedding week! He's got the travelling taken care off - both, train reservations and cars, wedding hall - booked, head chef - booked (and I am sure the menu as well, though I cannot confirm that just yet), invitation cards - in the printing press, hotel accommodation for the guests - booked, renovations to our ancestral home - started.... (and I am sure the list is longer! He's back this Friday and I will get to know more).

My eldest sister-in-law has asked for services of her elder brother (who is a fashion designer) for the wedding and reception dresses for herself and for my nephew, who is 4! My other sister-in-law spends 2 hrs in the market every day checking out what's hot on the fashion scene. And my sister, who is currently in India, calls me every day to discuss what she thinks we should do with the bride's dress, make-up, travelling plans etc. My mom, oh well, like all other moms, is coordinating the whole thing.

All this when we have a good 3 months to go. Frankly, I begin to wonder....isn't there something that I should be doing as well?

Friday, October 26, 2007

Gold? Done!

Yesterday evening, the first item of the wedding's shopping list was ticked off - Gold!

And boy, did it dig a hole in my pocket!! Quite a coincidence that I got my first salary yesterday too. Need I say more?!!

Oh, by the way, what's with the gold price these days? All it does is - go up! They say it is coz of a possible recession in the US economy, weak dollar, fluctuating oil prices, subprime crisis bla bla n more bla. Frankly, my economy is in danger if this remains the case! Gold is at an all-time high this week and is expected to go further up by the end of this year. So in anticipation of that, we went ahead and took the plunge.

And then, there's always Murphy's law!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wedding Bells

So, I am getting married!

Not sure if I am happy, scared, nervous, worried, ecstatic or sad...

They say 'Marriages are made in heaven'. Really? I don't know and maybe I might never find out. But I see a lot of happily married people (with or without kids) around me, living perfectly normal, happy lives and that drives me towards optimism. Maybe, marriages can be successful after all. Maybe, there is some profound wisdom behind that saying after all. I guess only time will tell.

But yes, exactly 3 months from today, my life will change forever! I will be married to the women of my dreams. That very thought brought a smile on my face.

Maybe, I really am happy..