Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dentist

I decided that the best way to keep my mind off from what was coming is to go for a movie. But, unfortunately, plans changed and we ended up loitering around the mall, waiting, dreading!

And then it was time. We took a cab and I told the cab driver to take us to 'New Medical Center'. We reached there in 10 min. I walked up to the information desk and asked them, "Which floor is the Dental clinic?". In typical mallu accent the person replies, "Sar, naat yin this building. Go straiiit yand leyeft. Wold NMC building. Mejaanine floor, Wokay?". Wokay.

We walked to the wold NMC bldg which was just a couple of min away. At the reception, I confirmed my appointment, handed over my insurance card and took a seat. How long was this gonna take? Whose bright idea was this? What the hell am I doing here? Of all places, of all people, I was at a dental clinic seeing the dentist! Great!

Invariably time passed. Someone from the reception suddenly yelled, "Maaassuud". Gulp. I looked around to see if someone else got up. Someone. Anyone. None. She cried out again, only louder this time. I decided to finally give in. There is no way out. I had to go. So I got up. Looked towards the reception, quickly nodded and walked towards the's chamber!

"What have you done to your teeth? Where have you been all this while? My my...tch tch this your first time? Look's all falling off. Here...see....take a look at this piece. Do you want to take it home? I'll gift wrap it for you if you want."

Who me? What did I do? I was abducted by aliens. They don't have people like you there, you see. First time.....and last. Yeah, right! That's exactly what I'm here for!! Great idea. I'll gift it to my boss.

Wow. What a start. This was going to be an interesting session.

"Let's start with this one. I'll need to take an x-ray. After which, we will first drill through it and then fill it up." Wha?! What logic! First drill just to fill it up again. Sounds like a roadway project in India.

45 minutes went by. "Take a look in the mirror. How does it look?". Frankly speaking, I was impressed. This guy was good. Really good actually. There was no sign of any cavity. The sensitivity was gone. All this without much pain.

I was beginning to like this guy. So much so that I even got a follow up appointment fixed. All my inhibitions vanished. The doctor, though a little cranky but very caring and fatherly, was an expert at his job. I would be visiting him more often to maintain my teeth. And would highly recommend everyone else to do the same. There's nothing like healthy teeth. Cheers.


Iya said...

hehe..i was thinking of writting a post on my dreadful visit to the dentist..will do it sometime soon...

Masood Salem said...

My follow-up appointment was yesterday. Thankfully this one wasn't as dramatic as the last one. Nonetheless, a trip to the dentist just HAS to be dreadful. Period.