Monday, December 31, 2007

when will it end?

Why do the demons of the past still haunt me? Why can't they leave me alone? What do they want from me? What do they gain by traumatizing me? Do they have a purpose? What could that be?

How do I fight with myself? Who wins? Me or me?!?

I thought I had conquered my fears, fought my demons, and won! I thought I had won but that was just an illusion. I am still fighting and some one has to loose.

When will it end?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

is this normal??

Now I feel I am really getting married!!! And frankly, it is making me quite anxious. A lot goes behind organizing a wedding, most of which I don't personally have to worry about or do, but it still needs to be done. What if something goes wrong? What if.....? What if....? Things...thoughts keep pouring into my head. I am trying my best to keep cool, to be positive. Is this normal? I ask this to all the married folks out there - is this normal??

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Thanks guys :-)

I was supposed to write about something else but I just can't help myself.

As we all know, the wedding is scheduled for 25th Jan and reception on 27th. And one of the things that I am waiting most for is meeting all my friends. And what even makes me happier is most of them are, hopefully, going to make it :-) Sumit is going to join me on 24th afternoon from Kolkata and will be with me throughout the wedding and reception. Varun plans to reach Hyd on 26th from Ahmedabad and will be with me at the reception. Iya, Abhijeet and Puja plan to reach Hyd on 27th morning from Bangalore. Amit is flying in from Delhi. Nilesh has a tentative plan as well. Other guys like Abhishek, Radhika etc are already stationed in Hyd. So far, these guys have confirmed! :-)

All I can say is that, with my best friends by my side, they are going to make this the most memorable day of my life! Thanks a lot, guys! :-) Looking forward to seeing you all....soon! Actually....can't wait!!!!!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

What a day....

So Friday was my last full day in Dublin and I wanted to make the most of it. It was also the assessment day so we had some presentations and written tests to see if the training was any good at all or was it just a 'free' costly vacation for some of us! I did OK I guess. I won the award for the 'Best Presentation'. Written assessment followed and I scored an overall 89% which was 2nd in class. So the day was indeed going well.

By 4pm, I started walking back to my apartment, my last walk on a now very familiar path. And I was talking photographs to capture everything forever.
Just outside the office - on the right, can see only the edge of my office bldg.

The entire block from the right are the Oracle bldgs

As we walk further away! The entire Eastpoint Business Park is spread out next to the sea

This is my favorite pic!

Our walking path was right along the edge of that sea

And through housing colonies

And finally to our apartment block - Ashbrook

Walking into Ashbrook

And that is the building where I stayed!

Next post: The best evening of my life!