Friday, March 21, 2008

I miss Bangalore

I miss seeing the sunrise from the terrace
I miss the creme de la caramel & DBC sundae from Corner House
I miss the couch, TV remote, snacks and TV
I miss the cool breeze at midnight on the terrace
I miss the biryani & kebab from Mughal Darbar, the tandoori chicken from Chicken County, fondue at Indijoes, the buffet at Barbeque Nation
I miss driving around on my bike around Jaynagar in the rain
I miss the dinners and the early morning breakfast buffets with my colleagues
I miss MTR's idli sambar with pure ghee and masala dosa
I miss sheru - the dog in front of my house who I used to feed every day
I miss the madness of MG road, brigade road & commercial street
I miss sitting at my favorite CCD sipping iced mochachillo and reading John Grisham
I miss the irate auto wallas who just refused to go where I wanted to go
I miss the thrill of competing and winning awards at work
I miss the time I spent with my family when they visited
I miss my friends - Sumit, Abhijeet, Amit, Iya, Puja and my other colleagues from work

Friday, March 14, 2008

Dubai accident victim

By now, half the world knows about the 250 car pile up on Abu Dhabi - Dubai highway.

As per the official stats:
Total cars involved in the accident: 250
No. of cars totally destroyed: 83
Total injured: 347
Total dead: 3 (official number!)

Off the 3 dead, one such person was Mohammad Salib Khan, 29, a bus driver. He was due to fly home to Pakistan on 20th March to meet his wife and 3 year old daughter Alina, who he had seen 2 yrs ago, on this last visit home! He had borrowed money for his expenses, done his shopping and had his ticket booked on a PIA flight to Peshawar. He got married 4 yrs ago and had visited his family only once. He was eager to meet his daughter because she had started speaking. He was supposed to be reunited with his family, he was supposed to fly on 20th, happy and excited to - embrace his daughter, love his wife and take blessings from his mother!

Instead, he now goes in a box!

May his soul rest in peace. May Allah grant him all the pleasures of heaven. Amen.

p.s. I don't know him. Read about it in the papers. But I was deeply pained!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

When I was a kid....

Weird things I did/thought as a kid:

1. Looked at a digital clock ticker (where we don't see the seconds) and started counting seconds from 57...57, 58, 59 and saw if the clock ticked when I reached 60!!! If it didn't, then waited for a few seconds and again started from 57!!
2. A new born baby came out through the belly-button!
3. Day-dreamt (a LOT!) of how it would be if I were invisible!
4. Used to wonder whose voice is it in my mind - and also if people around could also here it.
5. If I was doing something (eg. having a bar of kitkat), could there be atleast one person somewhere in the world doing the exact same thing at the same time??
6. Why do we have to iron clothes??!!
7. Got my head stuck behind the TV while fetching a toy!
8. Stapled my own thumb!
9. Who the %#$&%#@ invented school?
10. Girls don't eat food!

Funny that these all sound so silly now but back then, this was me and my life!

I am sure there were lots more but its a pity that I can now remember only this many! :(

Monday, March 3, 2008

Compliments??? ;)

Posting some comments that I received by folks who saw my wedding album..... :)

Ezhil: its so beautiful...she luks like a u r so lucky...ofcourse..u deserve her...have a wonderful life together..:)

Iya: Beautiful pics... great yaa... wish u the very best with Iram.. u guys look great together....

Amit: nice pics. Iram is looking beautiful and masood for some reason looking fairer :) wish you both a great life ahead

Sai: Great pics bro!! You guys look great together! Congrats!!! Let me know when you settle down and I shall call you.

Deepa: Congrats both look so nice....ur wifey is damn beautiful..lucky u :-) looking forward to meet u ppl...hope u come to delhi sometime soon :-)

Tara: lovely pics :) the best is the one with the longest caption.. where you are carrying mrs salem to somewhere ;)

Sangeeta: awsome pics, your wife is really really preety... for sure you are lucky to get such a pretty wife, well tum bhi kaam nahi lag rahee hoo, most handsome perhaps in life till now. wish you both a wonderful life ahead full of all happiness of yours desire.

Tijs: sweet pictures!!! Really beautiful clothes and decorations. Awesome tie too that you were wearing at the reception. Just curious, are you not supposed to smile in pictures?

Puja: hey she is looking damn gorgeous, esp in the red, and blue one absolutely mind blowing. You also look dashing as usual. My fren who saw the pic complimented both of u :) wow that pic where you picked up Iram is damn cute.

Radhika: Lovely bride and good humor (urs!) ...u sure make a great couple :) ok now before u complain....u too look dashing! regal actually :)

Me: Thanks a lot, guys! :p