Monday, March 30, 2009

Fit hai toh Hit hai

This is a fitness update. For the record,

I've started the "couch potato to 5k" running plan and "100 push ups" training program along with my already hugely successful "Atkins" diet plan.

In 39 days of diet, I've lost 10 kg. Another 6 kg to loose before I reach my target weight. But in terms of fitness, there's a long way to go.

Gone are the days when I captained my college cricket team or represented my region at the All-India national athletic meet or was the sports captain at my school.

For now, I am just a couch potato (who does not eat potato coz of the diet) but spends a lot of time on the couch! But that's going to change. And soon. Last evening was my first training session.

Thank you, Roop for sharing these fitness programs. And to Fitness Fervor.

p.s. Wasn't that a bloody clich├ęd title? :p


mindspace said...

once you are there, keep it up.

interesting to see the inspiration coming thru blogs n bloggers...

all the very best!!

Smita said...


That is some achievement and I can understan how u must be feeling post the loss....

Keep it up :)

Solilo said...

Bloggers inspire in so many ways.

All the best! Hope you achieve your target.

Rohina said...

yippeee!!! ur getting in shape for Ibrahim!! ;)

khalid said...


Masood said...

Tara - Thanks. Do I see someone giving me company? ;) aka shaadi ke side effects? :p

Smita - Yep. It feels like heaven. But I don't wanna rest till I get to my target weight. Thanks :)

Solilo - You bet! This is one hellava community. Blogging is probably the best cyber thing I've done ever. Thanks. And really glad you dropped by :)

Ruhi - Yeah baby. Getting in shape for changing nappies, late night cradling, clowning etc. Part of the game, love.

Khalid - LOL. All good except the rich part! :P

hitch writer said...

GEEE.... i just restarted my push ups yesterday...


jogged about 5 KMS TODY... so i m virtually accompanying you !!

nah i dont need to lose weight.. just build up my stamina for trekking camps in may !

Masood said...

Dhiren - Great. Have you been jogging before? Coz if you just jogged 5km on the 1st day, mate, your already there!!! Why wait for that camp in May? Go now! :P

Rashmi said...

Gr8 achievement..I will share these tips with my hubby..he really need this :-)

roop said...

motivation is all that's needed and u got oodles of it!!! much power to u, m! :)

and u are very welcome!! do tell how it goes. :)

Masood said...

Rashmi - Just don't tell him who you got inspired from. Else I'll find my posters on every lamp post with the message "Wanted: Dead or Dead" :))

Roop - Yes, that's what it takes. You know, maybe I'll do a post on Fitness Fervor in a while about my experiences, tips and stuff about these plans.

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